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Saddlescombe Farm

The Saddlescombe Farm Experience

Set in the rolling hills just outside Brighton & Hove,  the National Trust’s Farm at Saddlescombe provides the perfect backdrop to instil a sense of calm to any workday.


We at the S Events are dedicated to creating lasting memories for our clients. We believe by changing your work setting you will see a heightened sense of productivity as well enjoying a day that increases team bonding.

Photos by Camilla & Roly / The National Trust

Modern Meeting Space

Learning Barn facilities A wonderful, warm space created by the National Trust, for community groups, small conferences and for private hire workshops, meetings or talks.

A variety of unique activities

Take a Farmyard Tour, splitting up the monotony of the office day, we offer groups the option of touring the farm in the trailer. Providing them with much needed fresh air, regaining their focus as well as learning about life on the farm.

Or take on The Shepherding Challenge represents the perfect team building activity. Participants will improve their communication, problem-solving and team-building skills.


Experience making bread or pizzas in our traditional clay oven. Bake directly on the oven floor without a thermometer! While the dough rises, learn more about the history of bread making at Saddlescombe Farm on a guided tour.


Additionally, we can introduce you to the traditional skills of working with “green” wood. Peeling bark, splitting wood, making hurdles are just a few of the activities you can learn in an hour. For more detailed and refined skills we can arrange for an expert to guide you through the fascinating world of working with wood. It’s such a therapeutic activity – once started you will never want to stop.


Together We Bake

Lose your senses in an immersive team baking experience – in this ultimate trust exercise teams will be completely reliant on each other as each member will be stripped of one of their senses. Proving there really is no ‘eye’ in team.

Adapting a tried and tested method, we bring you a baking challenge with a twist. Working in teams you will be tasked with creating culinary masterpieces, producing cakes, pastries or bread, but there’s a catch.


Each member of your team will lose the use of one of their senses. You must work together, reading the recipes and decorating your creations whilst relying on each other’s strength and realising your weaknesses.


Communication is key and will make or break a team’s chances of winning the coveted winner’s crown. This is the perfect team-building activity, promoting new skills in an enjoyable setting.

We’ve created a sample itinerary for the day’s events, these can be tailored specifically to your requests.


Arrive and divide into teams, ideally of 3 although teams can also be divided into 4. Teams will then decide which senses they will be without. These can be changed challenge by challenge if you wish. We would suggest taking into account your strengths and weaknesses. Possibly the office chatterbox could take on the role of being mute?


A briefing of the day's events will follow, with teams being instructed on what to expect and an introduction to the judges.


Get stuck into all 3 rounds, testing your baking skills to the limits. Each round will be judged, with the final round crowning one team the coveted ‘Star Bakers’.

Depending on group sizes, you may also enjoy some country games such as lawn bowls and croquet or possibly games more relevant to the theme you’ve chosen.


This can be used to split larger groups into 2 halves, with one competing in the baking challenge whilst the other enjoys team bonding games and then they swap.​


On Thin Ice

Try out this unique Ice Carving experience that will see you wielding chisels in a race to create the winning masterpiece. ​

Working in teams you will turn large ice blocks into beautiful sculptures under the watchful eyes of professional ice carvers.​

Finishing with a prize for the best design, sadly the winners won’t be able to take their creations home with them as ice melts...


See something you like? Get in touch to discuss the details. 


At the S Events, we create fun bespoke team building activities and engaging exercises. If you haven't found your ideal activity above, contact us with your brief & requirements and we will find the perfect activity for you.


Our activities are designed to promote teamwork, bonding, performance and leadership skills while providing a team activity that everyone can enjoy.

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