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Abseiling for Charity

Despite being the middle of June, the early part of the week was marred with a series of met office weather warnings, forecasting strong winds, rain and thunderstorms, which in itself was a bummer considering the time of year, more than a little worrying if you were due to abseil off a 450ft structure on Brighton Beach.

Fortunately, the day of Sasha's iDrop arrived sans the inclement weather, unexpectedly bringing in perfect conditions for abseiling much to everyone's relief. Sasha Loo, who signed up for the Rockinghorse's charity challenge at the start of the year, to raise funds for the children's charity in support of the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Unit in Chalkhill Hospital.

Chalkhill is one of the UK's leading hospitals for treating children and young people with acute mental health problems and eating disorders. They create treatments and therapies to get them back on track. So signing up to raise money for the hospital didn't require a second thought from Sasha.

Then came June 21st 2019 and channelling her inner action hero, along with 20 other participants assembled at the base of the i360 for a quick briefing and one last look at the tower from ground level, before boarding the pod to be elevated 450ft above ground. At the top participants were given a safety drill before the first iDropper made their way down. Soon it was Sasha's turn to step up to the edge for her go on the ropes.

Sasha Loo getting ready for her tun to abseil down the i360 and not to be outdone by a participant dressed as Spider-man and also concerned that we might not spot her from such a height, Sasha donned a pair of fairy wings especially for the challenge

And without delay, as we all collectively held our breath, down she came...

Sasha was all smiles as she descended to huge applause to a crowd of supporters

On reaching the bottom followed by Spider-man, all participants were met with huge cheers for their collective efforts in raising money for such a great cause.

For her courageous feat, Sasha raised a total of £849.84 for The Rockinghorse Activities Programme at Chalkhill Child and Adolescent Mental Health Unit in Hayward's Heath, smashing her initial target of £500 by 169%.

Everyone here at the S Events was very proud of her accomplishment and for representing us in such a way. We are even more thankful for her safe landing.

Sasha would like to say an enormous thank you to everyone that made this possible and to all her sponsors, and also remind everyone that you can still donate until the end of this week.


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